With over 30 years of specialty formulation expertise, extensive research, and eco- friendly benign-by-design product development, the principals at Komodo Fire Systems, Inc. have created world- class solutions to protect critical power, water, and transportation infrastructure from wildfires.

Komodo effectively shields buildings, fuel and chemical storage tanks, heavy equipment, vehicle garages, and surrounding utility infrastructure from the risk of destructive fires by creating an impenetrable firebreak with its easy-to-use and easy-to-apply fire prevention and protection solutions.

Rapidly spreading wildfires have destroyed and severely damaged everything from utility poles, railroad ties, and related critical infrastructure. Komodo fire protection treatments prevent destructive fires from ever reaching our valuable infrastructure.

Provides powerful fire protection and retardation technologies to create effective fire exclusion zones to protect virtually anything from destructive fires including homes, ranches, solar power grids, utility poles, and all related infrastructure.