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Emergency Fire Prevention System

Why FireReady911 ?

Komodo FireReady911 ensures property owners have a just-in-time (JIT) tool to help defend their property when a fire threatens.

FireReady911 is the only protection system for wildfire response offering:

  • USDA & US Forestry Certified Ground Applied retardant
  • Full turnkey system
  • Structural and vegetation defense

Take Action As a Wildfire Approaches

Before a wildfire arrives, most property owners wish they had a solution better than a garden hose to give their property a fighting chance. FireReady911 fulfills that wish.

When wildfires approach, please be aware:

  • Always follow evacuation orders & firefighter instructions
  • KOMODO never recommends ignoring evacuation orders
  • FireReady911 is designed for PRE-EVACUATION property treatment usually in under 30 minutes, prior to evacuation
    • Just-In-Time Wildfire Protection

      quickly and safely protect property before evacuation
    • 20x More Effective Than Water

      ensure fire won’t ignite & evacuate with peace-of-mind
    • Non-toxic, Non-corrosive

      safe for people, plants, and pets
    • Starves the Fire of Combustible Fuel

      creates defensible space around your property
    • Pre-treat Property Anytime

      travel or take a vacation knowing property is protected
    • 100% made in the USA

      emergency equipment you can depend on

    Never compromise the safety of family and property

    Certified by USDA & US Forestry

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