The ultimate perimeter shield for home defense. 2020 proved to be the worst fire season on record for western united states, with over 4 million acres burned and nearly 10,000 structures damaged and destroyed in California alone. Komodo’s advanced patent pending technology, originally developed for forestry, wildland, and professional firefighters, is now commercially made available to help property owners prevent wildfire damage. Our exclusive technology provides full fire season protection, and will neutralize vegetation against combustion.

Komodo provides safe, fast, affordable peace of mind for high fire hazard areas.

Komodo’s superior fire break deliniates, even the most combustible vegetation and dried wood.

Experienced veterans agree Komodo provides much needed relief against wildfires for home and property owners.

Komodo is game changing technology against ever increasing wildfire threat.

Komodo's proven technology is approved by leading government agencies such as CalFire.

User defined protection zones, enable property defense and ensure home safety.

Professional and consumer clients alike, agree that Komodo helps protect property.

Komodo stops the spread, and is integral defensible space technology.

Prevent and protect with the Komodo’s exclusive, all-season technology.