KOMODO is the ultimate perimeter shield for establishing a defensible space around your home and property. 2020 was the worst wildfire season in recorded history for the Western United States, with over 4 million acres burned and nearly 10,000 structures damaged or destroyed by fire in California alone. Our advanced patent-pending fire protection and firefighting technologies (originally developed for professional firefighters in wildland and forestry settings) is now available to all property owners to proactively pro- tect against wildfire damage. This exclusive proprietary formula provides full fire season protection for your home and business property by literally neutralizing your surrounding vegetation against combustion.

Komodo provides a safe, fast, and affordable solution for fire protection and pre- vention in high fire hazard areas.

Komodo provides a superior firebreak in even the driest and most combustible vegetation.

Experienced veteran firefighters affirm that Komodo provides much needed wildfire protection for homes, businesses, and surrounding properties.

Komodo is game-changing firefighting technology designed to effectively combat the ever increasing global wildfire threat.

Komodo offers a host of proven fire prevention and firefighting technologies that have undergone and passed stringent product testing with subsequent validations by QAI, CalFire, etc.

Powerful fire protection and retardation technologies to create effective fire exclusion zones to protect homes, property, and valuable infrastructure from destructive fires.

Komodo provides both firefighting professionals and consumers with powerful fire protection for all properties.

Stops the spread of fire in its tracks, providing a clear irebreak with de- fensible fire space around homes, businesses, and valuable property.

Provides proven fire prevention and protection with an exclusive formula designed to resist weather, wind, and rain throughout the wildfire season.