Environmentally-friendly fire retardant spray that helps prevent fires from reaching your home

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Our Technology
Based in California, in the center of the Silicon Valley technology hub, Komodo develops and manufactures innovative, user-friendly materials to help minimize wildfire damage and collateral environmental pollution.

  • Multiple Form Factors

    Ready-To-Use premix, Liquid concentrate Dry concentrate
  • Do It Yourself

    Multiple DIY kit options to help you to easily create defensible space around your property
  • Approved and Certified

    Cal Fire Marshall listed as a Christmas tree fire retardant. USDA - US Forestry approved for ground applied long-term fire retardant.
By treating the property with Komodo, you create a barrier that will fireproof the perimeter of your home or business and protect it from wildfire damage. You can treat your property by self-application or we can connect you with a certified Komodo applicator near you.