We are revolutionizing how we fight wildfires and prevent large-scale fire disasters. We are partnering with world-class organizations to deliver Komodo solutions through- out California and all across the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our continuing research and development is focused upon enabling comprehensive home defense, wildfire mitigation, and structural material enhancements in combating all destructive fires.

Komodo firebreak stops a fast-moving uphill fire in its tracks.

It delivers surgical performance, helping partners stop fires with pinpoint accuracy.

Komodo’s bolt-on capabilities and strong performance greatly enhances our Contractor’s and Service Provider’s firefighting portfolios.

Its ability to provide effective fire protection for structures and property creates evergreen business contracts with farms, utilities, insurance companies, and infrastructure clients.

Komodo’s high-performance product line greatly enhances our partners’ and distributors’ firefighting service portfolios.

Our partners and distributors benefit from significant profit margins with municipal, insurance, fire protection and prevention facilitators, and private clients

Delivers performance results to our partners in wildland and forestry management by providing the capability of establishing perfectly defined firebreaks wherever needed.

Delivers custom solutions for vineyards and wineries by partnering with local and regional distributors.

Provides powerful fire protection performance and bolt-on solutions that increase sales potential for our partners and distributors.

Our exclusive line of powerful fire protection and prevention solutions equips our partners with multiple options and revenue streams.