Komodo Fire Systems Inc. is revolutionizing how we fight wildfires and prevent large scale disasters. From California to Europe, to Australia and throughout Asia, we are partnering with world class organizations, to deliver Komodo solutions. Products enabling home defense, wild fire prevention, and structural material en-hancements, are areas of focus for our continued research and development.

Komodo stops fast moving uphill fire in its tracks.

Komodo delivers surgical performance, helping partners stop fires with pin point accuracy.

Contractors and service providers enhance portfolio with Komodo's bolt-on capabilities.

Protecting structures and property provides evergreen business contracts with insurance, farm, utility, and infrastructure clients.

Professional distributors will enhance portfolio and offering with Komodo product line.

Partners benefit from high profit margin business with municipal, insurance, fire and private clients.

Partnering with local wildland professionals, Komodo delivers results with definitive breaks.

Partnering with regional distributors Komodo delivers custom solutions for Vineyards and Wineries.

Bolt on performance immediately increases sales potentials for partners and distributors.

Komodo's exclusive line of prevention and fire solutions gives partners multiple revenue options.