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Year-over-year wildfire statistics surge with millions of acres burned, substantial loss of property and life, and expanded environmental pollution.  Record volume of fire retardant consumption and increasing economic and human resources the problem has yet to be contained.  It’s time for effective solutions and its time for Komodo’s next generation technology.



Strategically located in the technology capital of the world, Komodo Fire Systems, Inc. based in Silicon Valley is helping California overcome wildfire challenges with effective innovative products. Leveraging earth and plant-based materials, and integrating systems of systems to reduce catastrophic losses for clients globally, Komodo is advancing the field of fire prevention, suppression, and long-term retardants with a complementary portfolio of products.

Principals of Komodo Fire Systems, Inc. bring over 100 years of combined specialty material formulation expertise, replacing harmful, toxic chemicals with eco-friendly safe environmental alternative solutions. Innovations backed by dozens of US and World Organization patents enabling technological breakthrough solving some of the toughest problems facing the environment.



Komodo has introduced superior technology designed to provide season-long fire prevention, defensible space, and fire hardening of vegetation and combustible materials.
  • Best In Class

    Komodo products continue to exceed the toughest industry standards and outperform competition in all categories.
  • Food Grade

    We don’t make empty marketing claims. Komodo builds on decades of benign-by-design product portfolio management. Most ingredients are organic and food grade.
  • Next Generation

    Multiple US and World Organisation patents pending along with exclusive farm-to-factory supply arrangements.
  • Professional Formula

    Komodo has undergone numerous third party evaluations for safety, toxicity, environmental impact, and rigorous fire agency testing for enterprise use.
  • Proven Effective

    Komodo technology surpassed all performance metrics measured in large scale field evaluations.
  • Universal & Easy To Use

    No special equipment or complex processes are involved with Komodo. Easy to use and directly applied to any surface to enhance fire protection.