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Shawn Sahbari
Title:President CEO
Phone: 408-206-9152

Shawn Sahbari, President, CEO

Mr. Sahbari has three decades of specialty materials development and large-scale manufacturing and commercialization expertise. He is responsible for enabling Silicon Valley technology leaders like IBM, Intel, Xerox, AMD, Micon, Motorola, and numerous others to overcome manufacturing challenges. Mr. Sahbari has a proven track record for starting and growing clean technology companies focused in the high-tech sector.

Sahbari is the founder of Envirodigm, Inc. specializing in sustainable waste-to-product & cradle-to-cradle solutions for true circular economy expansion. He also is the founder of Green Polymer Systems, a specialty chemical company providing architectural materials, home consumables, decorative products and furnishings leveraging direct to consumer e-commerce. As the founder of Komodo Fire Systems, Inc. Sahbari has overseen the development and scaling of plant and earth-based, eco-friendly ingredients into a series of Patent Pending and proprietary fire prevention technologies. Komodo is one of three companies with USDA and US Forestry product registration for Federal and State application of fire-retardant materials in the world.

Sahbari holds patents in semiconductor and electronic surface preparation, deposition, and cleaning, as well as autonomous next generation fire prevention, suppression and asset protection. He has authored numerous publications, and technical white papers for semiconductor, disc-drive, optoelectronic, solar PV, telecommunication, and aerospace fields. Sahbari holds a BS degree with distinct honors in Aerospace Engineering from SJSU and has completed executive MBA program from UC Berkeley.

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