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A fire retardant can slow or completely stop the spread of fire. With the threat of wildfires on the rise, fire retardant products are relied upon to help protect homes, businesses and lives all over the world. 

There are several different types of fire retardant available, to suit a range of uses. If your home is vulnerable to wildfires, or you’re becoming concerned about where the next bout of wildfires might strike, it’s well worth investing in a fire retardant to protect your property. Read on and we’ll explain more about how fire retardants work. 

How do Fire Retardants Work? 

Fire retardants rely on chemical reactions to significantly reduce the strength of fires that they come into contact with. There are a number of different reactions that can be used to battle fires. Usually these reactions will delay the combustion of fires, or reduce the flammable properties of any substances that might be fuelling the fire. 

The cooling properties of some fire retardants can also help to slow or stop the spread of fires. By reducing the temperatures of the fuels involved, fire retardants can quickly stop a fire in its tracks. Endothermic chemical reactions tend to be used to do this. These reactions are incredibly reliable when it comes to limiting the impact of a fire - in many cases the cooling properties of such reactions will be enough to completely put a fire out. 

Different Types of Fire Retardant 

There are numerous different types of fire retardants available to the public today, at a wide range of price points. Some of the most common variations include fire-retardant gels, foams and sprays. The option you choose will of course be guided by the intended use of your product, however there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind besides the publicised fire-retardant properties of a product. 

If you’re looking to use a fire retardant outside of your home, we always recommend that you think about its effect on the environment, and whether or not it presents a danger to local flora and fauna. Some fire retardants are brilliantly reliable when it comes to stopping fires, but they may also be toxic. Therefore, they’re best avoided if you’re using them in and around your home - particularly if you have small children or pets. 

Some chemicals, such as Polybrominated Diphenyl Esters, are best avoided. Unfortunately, we often see these chemicals still being used in fire retardants. We therefore always suggest reading up on the chemicals contained in different fire retardants before you commit to a purchase. 

Komodo products are non-toxic. This means they don’t contain Polybrominated Diphenyl Esters or any other restricted chemicals, so you can rest assured that you’re making an eco-friendly choice when you opt for one of our fire-retardants. 

What Can Fire Retardants Protect? 

Fire retardants can be used to protect a huge range of different objects and spaces. They’re commonly used in manufacturing to reduce the flammability of a finished product. Fire retardants can also be used to halt the spread of wildfires. Slurries are commonly dropped from aircraft ahead of a wildfire, to give better protection to any homes or businesses that may be in the path of a moving fire. 

Fire retardants give a very good level of protection against the dangers that fires pose, which is why they’re relied upon by businesses, governments and global organisations to protect people and property. In 2021, fire retardants were used successfully to limit the spread of hugely powerful wildfires in California. Long-lasting fire-retardants are now being used throughout the state to stop such events happening again.  

Our Fire Retardant Products 

Komodo Fire Systems Inc specialises in non-toxic fire fighting products. Our products are water-based, eco-friendly and always free of restricted chemicals such as Polybrominated Diphenyl Esters. Take a look at some of our bestselling fire-retardants and see which products best suit your needs. 

We offer a range of different DIY kit options, alongside concentrate refills and ready to use fire-retardants. If you’re looking to create a full perimeter shield, we recommend the DIY spray kits. The Komodo DIY starter kit includes everything you need to get the job done, with a lithium ion battery-powered backpack sprayer, mixing bucket, mixer, funnel, safety wear and 20lbs of Komodo K-101 all included. And once you’re fully equipped, you’ll only need to stock up on our concentrate refills to keep your property protected in the future. 

Our ready to use products are pre-diluted, and can be used immediately to defend spaces or create fire breaks. These are great if you need to protect a small area and time is of the essence. There’s very little setup involved; it’s really just a case of distributing the fire-retardant substance. 

Testing and Development at Komodo 

We maintain a rigorous level of testing on all of our fire-retardant products, ensuring the safety and reliability of all the products that we stock. Our products are regularly tested by independent laboratories, where their fire-retardant properties are put to the test. This allows us to check that our products meet the current fire code requirements, and can therefore be relied upon by our customers. 

Komodo fire-retardant products can be customised for a variety of different uses, meaning our customers can be assured of a product that meets the specific requirements they have in mind. They’re therefore highly efficient when it comes to fire prevention, no matter where they’re being used. Use Komodo fire-retardants on anything from foam, fabric and paper to wood, plastic and metals. No matter what you need to protect, we’ve got just the product to help you do it. 

We’re always striving to provide better and more reliable fire retardants, for all kinds of different uses. So we continuously invest in research and development, and we’re always working on innovative new products that’ll keep our customers safe. 

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