How To Protect Your Home From Wildfires | Komodo Fire Systems

Last year saw more wildfires than ever before, with huge amounts of devastation caused all over the world. With the threat of climate change growing fiercer by the day, it looks likely that wildfires will continue to present a real risk to homes and lives for many years to come. 

While it’s difficult to make much of an impact on the cause of wildfires at an individual level, there are plenty of steps that you can take to protect your home from the damage wildfires can cause.

If your property is within an area which you know is already at risk of wildfires, or you are concerned that wildfires might soon be a threat to your home, it’s always worth being prepared. Take a look at our top tips on how to protect your home from wildfires and keep your property as safe as it possibly can be. 

Create defence zones around your property 

Defence zones will stop, or at the very least slow the movement of an approaching wildfire. And they’re relatively easy to install. Clear an area around your home and use gravel or concrete to make sure it won’t burn. This zone should ideally be longer than five feet, but the larger it is the better defence you’ll have. 

Make sure there’s clear access for emergency vehicles 

If the worst should happen, you may need to call upon the help of emergency services. Make sure fire engines can easily access your property if they need to do so in a hurry. Check the routes that trucks will have to take and ensure there’s nothing that will stop them reaching you as quickly as possible. 

Keep the area around your home or deck clear 

If old leaves and other debris are allowed to build up under, or around any decking area of your property, you could soon have a dangerous fire hazard. Keep an eye out for debris and clear it away as soon as you spot any. 

Look after trees and vegetation 

Any trees and vegetation around your property could cause further problems when it comes to wildfires. While we’d never advise you to remove all trees completely, there are things you can do to lessen the risk they pose. 

If any branches are getting close to your house, make sure you cut those back. Remove any dead wood regularly and check there’s plenty of room between your home and any densely wooded areas. 

Stock up on fire retardant must-haves 

Products like fire retardants will make a huge difference in your ability to defend against an approaching wildfire. There are several different types of fire retardant that you can use, so the best option will depend on your specific requirements. 

Flame retardant sprays are particularly powerful in helping in the fight against wildfires, and they’re easy to use in a domestic setting (not to mention non-toxic). Take a look at our range of DIY kits and you’ll soon have everything you need to get started. 

Work with your neighbours 

If you’re worried about the risk of wildfires, the chances are your neighbours will be too. Talk to them about their plans, and where possible work together to eliminate any risks that you spot in or around your homes. Teamwork is a hugely powerful defence against wildfires, so don’t feel that you have to do everything alone. 

Check there’s at least six inches of coverage around your home 

The lowest six inches of your home’s exterior should never be made from any potentially flammable materials, particularly if you’re living in an area that’s prone to wildfires. 

Check what the exterior of your property is made from, ensuring that the lowest portion is either brick or concrete. If it isn’t, you’ll need to create a new layer around your home’s exterior to give it an extra layer of protection.

Look out for overlapping fences 

If your fence backs onto another fence, there might be a small gap between them where debris can accumulate. In a best case scenario, you’ll have just one layer of fencing around your property, so you won’t need to worry about any build-up behind it. 

Take a walk around the perimeter or your property, looking out for any potential problem areas. If you spot anything you’re worried about, talk to your neighbour to come up with a resolution that removes this fire risk. 


Wildfires are an ever-increasing threat. Unfortunately, once wildfires are on the move they’re an incredibly powerful force. Changing their course is difficult, and extinguishing them completely can take quite some time. 

Property owners are now having to do all they can to bolster their defences against wildfires, with the help of clever design changes and fire-retardant products. 

If you’d like any advice on how to fireproof your home, get in touch with our team. We stock a range of different fire retardant products, many of which are ready to use from the moment they arrive. Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options.