Announcing A New Portable, Convenient, and Highly Effective Fire Extin | Komodo Fire Systems

In a world where fires kill more Americans each year than all natural disasters combined, the need for effective fire prevention and suppression measures has never been more urgent. Fortunately, there are companies like Komodo Fire Systems leading the charge in providing innovative solutions to combat this growing threat.

To address these challenging circumstances, Komodo Fire Systems has introduced a groundbreaking solution: KOMODO 911 Personal Emergency Fire Suppression spray. This portable innovation is designed to swiftly extinguish small fires, making it ideal for combating human-caused fires inside and outside the home, whether it be in kitchens, garages, at campsites, in vehicles, on boats, in cabins, at worksites, or within RVs and motorized equipment. Sometimes referred to as a fire spray, this compact and portable form factor can be used instead of a conventional fire extinguisher wherever a small and easily accessible fire suppressant is needed.

What makes KOMODO 911 stand out from other products on the market is its professional-grade quality, certified by reputable organizations such as the USDA, US Forestry, and CalFire. Years of meticulous research and substantial investment have gone into ensuring the safety, performance, and reliability of this product. Moreover, KOMODO 911 is non-toxic, user-friendly, easy to clean, and safe for people, plants, pets, and aquatic life. And as a testament to their commitment to American manufacturing, KOMODO 911 is proudly 100% made in the USA.

Komodo 911 is designed to be a must-have fire safety item for adults of any age, gender, and occupation, readily accessible in the garage, kitchen, RV's, boats, autos, and anywhere the risk of fire exists. It is the perfect traveling companion for campers, hunters, hikers, and others while providing a clean, rapid response capability to industries like food & hospitality, facilities management, and automobile services.

KOMODO 911 is a Professional-Grade, non-toxic emergency fire suppressant delivered in a light and portable form factor that can be carried as a “Tactical” (4oz) spray in holsters and pouches by Military and Law Enforcement. The 16oz “Pro” version can be easily transported and quickly accessed by travelers anywhere, at any time. The Komodo 911 “Renegade,” a larger 2.5-gallon reusable and refillable canister, used by firefighters, the motorsports industry, and other professionals will be released in the second quarter of 2024.

Komodo Fire Systems stands as the vanguard in environmentally safe fire prevention. With a focus on professional fire prevention and suppression products, such as pre-treatment fire retardants, they are at the forefront of anticipating and addressing the escalating danger of wildfires. Their clientele boasts esteemed names, including local firefighters nationwide, PG&E - the largest utility in the U.S., and Wildfire Defense Systems - the largest private firefighter force in the nation.

What sets Komodo Fire Systems apart is their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, health, and safety. This dedication drives them to continually seek out new and improved methods to tackle the myriad challenges posed by fires. Alarming statistics from the American Red Cross underscore the gravity of the situation, with hundreds of thousands of homes damaged annually and thousands of lives lost to fires in the United States alone. Shockingly, fires claim more American lives each year than all natural disasters combined, with a staggering 85% of all wildland fires being caused by human activity. To put it into perspective, the likelihood of a home fire far surpasses that of a bear attack by a whopping 720 times.

Ultimately, Komodo 911 has been created to put out fires faster, with a plant-based suppression technology that is 20X more effective than water and technology certified by the USDA and US Forestry to be safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment. Komodo 911 does not contain “forever chemicals” such as PFOS or PFAS, and is not harmful to end users. 

Recently a Motorcycle Officer in Central California reported seeing “smoke coming from a vehicle engine, flames were growing, and flaming fluid was dripping from the engine compartment, so I grabbed my can of K911, sprayed the engine area, and extinguished the fire underneath. The fire was completely extinguished using just the 16oz can of K-911. I highly recommend any police officer to carry a can of K-911 in their patrol unit or motorcycle for fast response.”

Komodo Fire Systems endeavors to raise awareness of the escalating threat of wildfires and provide an indispensable product that has the potential to save countless properties and lives. With their extensive research and development facilities spanning 55,000 square feet, coupled with global production capacity, Komodo Fire Systems is well-equipped to meet the demands of their customers worldwide.

As wildfires continue to pose a growing threat to communities around the globe, companies like Komodo Fire Systems are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to mitigate this risk. Through their unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and safety, they are making significant strides in protecting lives and properties from the ravages of fire. With products like KOMODO 911, they offer hope in the face of adversity, empowering individuals and communities to combat fires with confidence and resilience.