Komodo provides advanced fire protection and prevention technologies to equip firefighting professionals with game-changing, broad-spectrum solutions. It supplies wildland and forestry management personnel with the tools to effectively target, control, and contain fires with remarkable results.

Komodo firebreak stops a fast-moving uphill fire in its tracks.

Komodo effectively shields buildings, fuel and chemical storage tanks, heavy equipment, vehicle garages, and surrounding utility infrastructure from the risk of destructive fires by creating an impenetrable firebreak with its easy-to-use and easy-to-apply fire prevention and protection solutions.

Able to effectively pretreat vegetation around the perimeter of buildings and related structures to keep destructive fires at a safe distance and prevent fire damage.

Firefighters from across the USA concur that Komodo is truly a game-changing tool in combatting all destructive fires.

Rapidly spreading wildfires have destroyed and severely damaged everything from utility poles, railroad ties, and related critical infrastructure. Komodo fire protection treatments prevents destructive fires from
ever reaching our valuable infrastructure.

With extreme drought producing continued water shortages, low reservoirs, and un- predictable availability of water due to low hydrant pressures and long distances from water supplies to fires, our proprietary formula increases and enhances the fire suppression capability of each precious gallon of water in firetrucks and fire tenders by 3 to 5 times that of water alone… and when it extinguishes a fire, it will not rekindle or reignite.

Enables firefighters to easily and effectively contain large scale controlled burns within designated boundaries with no risk of unwanted wildfire spread

Experienced veteran firefighters affirm that Komodo provides much needed wildfire protection for homes, businesses, and surrounding properties.

Provides powerful fire protection and retardation technologies to create effective fire exclusion zones to protect virtually anything from destructive fires including homes, ranches, solar power grids, utility poles, and all related infrastructure.