Komodo’s advanced prevention technology, provides professionals with game changing broad spectrum solutions. Wildland forestry and fire personel, can effectively contain and control fires with deliberate results.

Komodo stops fast moving uphill fire in its tracks.

Buildings, above ground fuel and chemical storage tanks, equipment and vehicle garages, along with neighboring properties are all at risk from fires. Komodo shields them all by creating a fire break that is 100% effective, easy to use, quick to apply, and universally relevant.

Pretreating dead vegetation, around structures with Komodo, helps firefighters protect structures and keep fires at a safe distance to not cause unwanted damage.

Firefighters from California, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Illinois, all agree, Komodo is the game changing tool in fighting wildfires.

Accidental fire damage, and rapid spread has destroyed everything from railroad ties to utility poles to other infrastructures. Pretreating with Komodo, provides latitude in managing and effectively controlling fires.

Water shortage, low reservoirs, distance to fire, general availability, low hydrant pressure, all make every gallon, on fire trucks precious. Komodo puts the power of the dragon into each vehicle, enhancing fire suppression capability by 3-5x.

Komodo helps firefighters contain large scale burns within predesignated boundaries, without risk of spread.

Experienced veterans agree Komodo provides much needed relief against wildfires for home and property owners.

Homes, ranches, solar power grids, utility poles, and virtually anything can be protected with exclusion zones using Komodo.