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K-300 Wood Shield


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K-300 Wood Shield is a single component, non-permanent, ready to use product designed for use as a fire retardant coating structures. The product can be applied over most structures in the immediate path of a wild fire. The product can be removed once the danger has passed.

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K-300 Wood Shield is designed for application to structures in the immediate path of a wild fire. It can be applied up to several days, depending upon conditions before the arrival of a fire. On exposure to fire, K-300 produces thick intumescent foam, which acts as a heat and fire barrier, protecting the underlying structure. The coating “swells up” nearly 100 times in thickness when the heat of a fire approaches, therefore protecting and insulating the structure from the fire. By using K-300 you are greatly increasing the chances the structure will survive with the aid of the Ultimate Fire Shield.

K-300 is applied to the structure with medium to heavy-duty spray equipment. A thick layer of the fire retardant coating should be applied directly to the surface of the structure. Time permitting windows should be boarded up with plywood before the application of the coating. The coverage rate should be 150 sq. ft. to 350 sq. ft. per gallon. The product is tacky and will remain in this state until exposed to fire or removed by power wash and/or warm soapy water after the danger of wild fire has passed. Once the product is activated K-300 will expand up to 100 times or more the coating thickness, creating a heat and barrier that protects the structure during the rapid exposure to wild fires. The product is composed of non-toxic materials and is environmentally biodegradable. The product may be used on most types of structures and surfaces.

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